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“I tried my cutie booty capris that I won in the February give-away at my bar method class and they were fantastic! I walked into class feeling like I already had that perfectly sculpted booty I'm working on. Even after washing them, they still maintained their shaper magic and they are now my favorite workout pants!! Move over Nike and Under Armor, Cityfity are my go to workout gear provider! Thanks again!”

– Kimberly A


I'm wearing the grey cutie booty capris today and they are AMAZING! I wore them all day at school and then to the gym and have gotten so many compliments about how "FIT" I look today! Thanks CITYFITY for making cute workout clothes in great colors that make me feel great AND look great in and outof the gym!

Lisa W

I just love my capris. Never understimate the boost of energy a person gets from a little self confidence. I wore my capris today and loved them! I will definitely be adding more capris and the tank to my birthday and Christmas lists.

- Alison C.

My absolute favorite thing about the shorts is the waistband. It's so comfortable, but the liner also really does hold everything in tightly. Comfort and that firmness are really hard to find in the same pair of workout shorts or pants!!! So thank you!

– Jennifer P

Just wore my pink Cutie Booty Shorts to the gym! Really felt like I looked more fit and trim at the waist and I didn't have a single sweat mark, even in the bright color!
Great workout and a great look :)

- Kara G

The cutie booty capris fit perfect! It is crazy how when you take them off it still feels like you have them on!! I also love the slit on the back of the calf, just a super cute design without making them flare. I love the love straps on the tummy tightening tank

– Whitney R.

I'm so excited to get my new CITYFITY Performance workoutclothes! I just had a baby a few weeks ago and I can't believehow flat my stomach looks in your clothes! The capris are my fav!!!

– Jana B

I tried on the cutie booty capri and the tummy tightening tee. Both pulled in all my curves & the tee had a built in bra that was streamlined. The mesh underneath is breathable, invisible, and pulls in all the right places. I was amazed at how the CITYFITY performance outfit made me look fit and feel better than any other work out gear I have worn before!

–Jessica R

The cutie booty shorts are amazing! I loved how the high waist kept my stomach tucked in and I felt like I was getting a great ab workout the whole time I was wearing them! The
compression mesh was very breathable and comfortable. I felt great about how I looked in them and that is the best part. It was just added motivation to keep working out!

– Erin T

I wore the CITYFITY Performance yoga pant and tank top last week and loved both pieces. The support in the tank is need for a sports bra and the compression on the
tank helps keep my abs engaged withouthaving to think about it. The built in compression support on the pants wasvery comfortable and kept everything in place!

– Julie T

I purchase the Tummy Tightening Tank by CITYFITY performance love how fit I look while working out. I love that I do not have to wear an additional bra for support. All styles
really do make you feel better when working out. The light material is comfortable& not as bulky as other fitness clothing.It also makes you feel more confident because it shapes your body in the right places

– Kristin W

I got my cutie boot yoga pants that I won today & I LOVE them....I am several sizes bigger post-baby & I truly feel "FIT" everywhere (tummy, butt, thighs). I feel like I have a new figure when I put them on. I'm loving them...GREAT design. THANK YOU!! Can't wait to get the top, too... & start working out again :)

- Leigh K

Love my cutie booty shorts (black!). The shorts hold my "jiggles" together and support my lower back - a great combination! When my daughter's volleyball shorts didn't make the wash, she wore them and she liked them! Thank you for a great product!

Barbara H.

I got my Cutie Booty Capris last week, and wore them today for a morning work out.... I love them! Their design is unique and makes me feel confident and comfortable. Thank you Erika for designing such a great product! I look forward to purchasing more in the future.

– Catalina J

I absolutely LOVE my Cutie Booty Capri Pants. They fit great! The best part is they
actually motivated me to get moving once I put them on. I feel great in them and
I can't wait to try more CityFity Performance wear!

– Courtney W